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Neurofeedback is gaining popularity and increasing the demand for treatments done by psychologists. Good training in neurofeedback treatment is essential. The evidence-based neurofeedback training for treatment of ADD / ADHD or sleep problems is given in the Netherlands by neuroCare Group by Dr. Martijn Arns. Look here for the current course offer.


Start your own neurofeedback practice now

Starting your own practice is an opportunity to offer neurofeedback treatments for your clients . The knowledge gained within Brainclinics training and the experience you have as a therapist gives you a good foundation to start your own neurofeedback practice.


Good website for stable intake of clients 

PSYmedia supports you in strategically positioning your practice through a distinctive logo, professional corporate identity and website. In addition, we ensure that your website is optimized and attracts many clients. This method allows you to rely on a good influx of clients.  


Neurofeedback apparatuurBrainquiry Neurofeedback Portable EEG hardware

In order to be able to provide neurofeedback treatments, you need neurofeedback equipment (hardware) and software. Brainquiry sells hardware, software and supplies (pasta, disposable electrodes, etc).


If you are interested in participating in this unique collaboration, please contact Brainquiry. We would like to think about you in starting your own neurofeedback practice!


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Neurofeedback cursus Nijmegen met de Brainquiry PET | BCIA accredited Neurofeedback course 



Deze neurofeedback opleiding is Board certified by BCIA

 Neurofeedback cursus Nijmegen met de Brainquiry PET | BCIA accredited Neurofeedback course